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                                                      Various Stories of Sierra Rose


This section will feature various stories of mine that don't fall under any other catergory. Such of that of Diablo's Return.

Diablo's Return brings us the tale of a former mercenary/troubleshooter, Nicholas Wolfe, who while on an assignment in Nice, France is believed killed.  Unknown to his teammates, he survives at a terrible cost to his soul and once freed turns himself into a mystery assassin called Diablo.

Three years later his past returns when his teams comes back to hunt Diablo and he must face dealing with them as his new personality and allowing a friend to die or settle his past and return to the light.

This story is a short one at 32 pages but is also on Lulu.com at the same storefront address: http://stores.lulu.com/stores.php?fAcctID=3798141

For an excerpt on this please go to:




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