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 Description about the Fitzgerald Brothers:

Welcome to a small section of fictious Fitzgaren, Ireland where you, the vistor, will have a chance to meet the five Fitzgerald Brothers, various associates and get a feel for this family who is the center of my five-part series of novels.  So come into Fitzgaren Manor, get comfortable and meet your hosts:


 Once upon a time there was a prophecy foretold that one day five would be born to form a Circle of great magic and those five would defeat the ancient evil that had been a threat to good in the world for centuries.  Many centuries passed, the evil hovered. Always there but always countered by one from the family who lorded over Fitzgaren.

The game continued between good and evil until the time when the fifth was born and the Warlock knew his time was limited.

Fifteen years ago the five young sons of Toryn and Brenna Fitzgerald believed they had it all. A loving family, a successful singing group that had toured the world for many years and of course the magic they were blessed with at birth.

All that changed one day when the family's ancient foe, an evil Warlock known as Sebastian, finally claimed a victory when he murdered Toryn and Brenna while trying to kill their fourth born son.  Before dying they found the strength to cast a banishing spell that managed to banish Sebastian for a certain period of time.

Shocked to the core by the loss and seperated by the greed and hate of others, the brothers were sent away to various friends or relatives to live and grow to adulthood; having very little to any contact with each other.

Now, grown to manhood and settled into lives, the brothers soon learn by a series of events that the spelled that kept them safe was no more and that Sebastian had returned to finish what he had started since he knew that it would take only one of the 5 to either die or turn to his side to break the Circle forever and this evil would stop at nothing to see that happen.

To fight the evil that destroyed their lives and took their parents, Kerry Fitzgerald and his scattered younger brothers must reunite and get past the pain of the past  to survive to see their futures as it will take each one of them facing Sebastian to finally form the predestined Circle.

Cast of Characters: The Fitzgeralds:

Kerry Fitzgerald: The eldest son, he was 19 the day of his parents deaths and so able to have a say in his life.  Staying in the family house to become honorary Lord of Fitzgaren he fought the bitter battle to keep his brothers but lost.  Now 34, he had retired from singing to live a solitary life. A very serious man with a tight rein of his feelings, letting only those closest to him to his true self. He will come to learn that he will need all his paitence and power when having to face the evil that ruined his world.

Patrick 'Mac' Fitzgerald: The second son was 16 the day that his parents' were killed and sent to County Cork to live with relatives.  Now 31, he's a successful man with an uncanny ability to do anything he sets his mind to so he has licenses in both medicine and law and also likes animals so he raises them at his private home. An open and friendly man with extreme paitence, he will soon come to wish he had more when he finds himself dealing with not only a disturbed evil Warlock, but also 4 brothers that are totally different from one another and a fiery red haired reporter that's more trouble to him than help until he learns of her connection to his familes problems and also finds himself falling in love with her.

Ryan Fitzgerald: Even though at the time of his parents' deaths this 3rd son was 13, he was also the most unrurly and tempermental. He was sent to County Clare, Ireland to live, fall in love and lose that love. Things that still haunt him though he tries not to show it.  At 28 and a well known security consultant to the rich and powerful, the dark haired devil still has an unrurly side that shows in his arrogant and cocky attitude.  He prefers to use his skills and wits rather than the magic in his blood but also doesn't hesitate when he realizes the threat to come and returns home to fight for the family he lost but also to face the brother he's always had troubles with and still blames for the deaths of their parents. A cocky man, he hides behind that attitude and rarely shows the softer side except when he has to. For Ryan, facing the Warlock will also mean facing his own demons but Sebastian has already made that challenege personal by using the image of Ryan's deceased fiance against him.

Roarke Fitzgerald: The fourth born son and the one who bears the most pain from the loss of his parents, Roarke was 11 the day the Warlock tried to take his life but killed his parents instead.  Living with that guilt would be one pain but then he was forced to live in County Mayo with friends of his paternal grandmother and now, at 26, lives everyday with the shame of his abuse at their hands. Always running to avoid those feelings, he's been many things in his life. From a semi-successful thief, to a security agent, to model, to a spy with things in between. Upon Sebastian's return, it's easy to see who he will target first and soon Roarke must face returning to the country of his birth to face not only that evil but also his brothers. Trying to survive the constant attacks that almost take his life, Roarke must learn to come to terms with his guilt, the shame he hides from his family and also the dangers to the woman he loves in order to beat the Warlock before it's too late.

Ian Fitzgerald: Ian was the baby of the family. At 3, he barely remembers his parents or even his brothers and was raised in Dublin. Now 18 and attending Trinity College as an acting major, he's the first to see the signs that something's wrong and despite not having as much skill with his magical powers he knows he must return to Fitzgaren to learn the truth of that fateful day and soon will learn that even the oldest and more powerful around him suffer from fears that cause weakness. He will need to overcome his when it finally becomes his time to fight.

Other Characters: Coming Soon

Books in the Series:

Celtic Evil: A Fitzgerald Brother Novel: RoarkeĀ© Available now! See link pages.

There is also a smaller version and a hardcover at Lulu and it's also available at CreateSpace and will be searchable live at Amazon.com soon! Updates to come!

See excerpt and more at: http://sierra-rose-books.webs.com/


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